2008-2009 SAI Technology Leadership Training

Phase 1, Day 1

"The main problem is not the absence of innovation in schools, but rather the presence
of too many disconnected, episodic, fragmented, superficially adorned projects."
Fullan, M., (2001), The New Meaning of Educational Change, New York: Teachers’ College Press

Morning presentation

Shock and awe (if you do this, let me know how it went!)

Afternoon presentation
  • Current leadership models are inadequate for disruptive innovations (Internet pptx ppt pdf)

Other stuff

Did I forget anything?

Learning to Change-Changing to Learn

New Study Shows Time Spent Online Important for Teen Development
"Results from the most extensive U.S. study on teens and their use of digital media show that America's youth are developing important social and technical skills online - often in ways adults do not understand or value."
A Vision of Students Today

A Pogo perspective...

On Tradition and Change
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On How Students have changed!
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Youmedia - McArthur project with Chicago Public Library