2009-2010 SAI Technology Leadership Training

Phase 2, Day 1

Workshop with Mike Eisenberg - www.big6.com

Major themes

Context - learning, teaching, and managing information technology skills through the 6 stages of information problem-solving.

The Big6 skills are effective and efficient
  1. Task Definition
  2. Information Seeking Strategies
  3. Location & Access
  4. Use of Information
  5. Synthesis
  6. Evaluation

Planning on the micro level - lessons integrated into content curriculum.
Planning on the macro level - systematic and documented plans to ensure learning across grades and subjects.

Resources to use in the workshop

Iowa Core Curriculum
Iowa 21st Century Skills
  • p. 13 - Employability Skills
  • p. 43 - Financial Literacy
  • pp. 65–80 - Technology Standards
ICLE Quadrants
ITBS (Utah example)



Shannon Miller-Van Meter
Shannon's Pathfinder
Constitution Pathfinder created for History and English teachers
Van Meter Library VOICE Blog
Van Meter Secondary Library Google Site
7th Grade Technology/Information Literacy HEX

End-of-day evaluations