SAI Training

Phase 2, Day 1

October 20, 2009

Ames Evaluations


What did you like most about today?
  • The new information presented - always great to learn something new. I enjoyed the enthusiasm of the presenter.
  • That we aren't focusing on the technology tools but we are using the tools to help with the information processing skills that students need to be proficient in.
  • Connections of the Big6 model to the ICC, seeing a real-school example.
  • Chance to learn about another model or process for thinking/organizing/implementing in the classroom.
  • I most enjoyed learning about a process or framework and a tool to help schools understand 21 C Essential Skills and Concepts
  • The ability to get "back it" with renewed energy from where I left off last year (not that I haven't done anything since last year, but the recharge was great).
  • This session made me think about the processes that are currently in place within my district. My special education teachers are begging for additional instructional strategies to use within their classroom and this will be a wonderful tool to share with them.
  • I really liked that Mike made me think about different ways to engage the staff in dialogue about meeting needs of students using technology. It made me think of very pertinent questions to pose to our staff.
  • Totally technology-driven.
  • Dr. Eisenberg! It was refreshing to learn about the Big6. It seems like a very easy way to implement technology and information literacy into our everyday activities with our students
  • The Big 6 is information that I can use.
  • ability to interact w/ colleagues
  • I like the idea of having common language and the framework.
  • Provided an opportunity to frame tech in ways useful to teachers (Iowa Core skills)
  • Time to think about where technology is going and how we need to think about what we are doing today is only going to be today as it will change very quickly.
  • The opportunity to learn about the Big 6 model and time to discuss potential applications of this model, especially with the Iowa Core.
  • excellent info from the speaker down to earth presentation open to ideas and willing to share
  • The tie in between the Big 6 and ICC, particularly technology.
  • Ideas on how to further explore using the Big6 as a vehicle for integrating technology.
  • The new content of Big6 and it's relationship to ICC.
  • Laptops encouraged and helped enhance the presentations by allowing us to find greater information on the materials presented.
  • The discussion that we had in our small groups was really good and I enjoyed listening to the other groups reporting back to the larger group.
  • Good information about how to filter which technology we really need when something new comes along. Also, the ability to use this process for all problem solving.
  • Pushed the thought process.

What suggestions do you have for improving what we did today?
  • Nothing
  • Slow down a bit for questions to Mike.
  • Consider starting the day with a self-assessment for attendees--focusing them on the question: To what degree do you have a common "model" or system for engaging staff in transformation of school practices? That is the lead-in for the Big6--so that it is clear that a product is not being sold.
  • Seemed to take some time to get into the Big 6 and not sure I felt the kind of connection I would have liked to ICC BUT with that said I believe the framework has merit for structuring learning tasks with higher cognitive demand.
  • I thought it was slow this morning but by the afternoon all was very clear.
  • None
  • None.
  • I would just like to spend more time with Mike.
  • NA
  • More connection to the technology use.
  • Let participants know that the focus of this session is to learn about the Big 6, a process for information problem-solving that can be used across all content areas and grade levels. Sharing this information upfront would help participants adequately prepare for this session.
  • maybe more opportunities for interaction among group
  • None
  • I can think of none.
  • While we needed time to understand this system, taking the whole day to do it was "costly" in time considering all the things we need to address. Not sure it was the best balance, of course that could be argued either way. It is just that I like a bit more of the buffet rather than one entree.
  • I was not prepared for this topic.
  • Another follow-up session fairly soon.
  • We came as a small team and as appreciate time for on the spot discussions.

What questions or concerns do you have as you leave today?
  • I am putting a model together on unit development that incorporates various components from the Iowa Core, quality instructional programs, course/unit/lesson design, etc. I'm anxious to look through the materials to see how they might fit in. I think my questions will come later.
  • How can the DE and AEAs help support LEAs with this work? How can we systematically do this across the state?
  • How can "one more model" (schools/organizations are bombarded with them) support transformation? Do school leaders ever have the conversation about what process models they actually use to make decisions? If not, what are the consequences?
  • I need to do alot of thinking and go back home to take the Big 6 and lay it out along side other processes we use.
  • I don't have any questions, yet!
  • How to prioritize and when to accomplish everything...
  • None.
  • I want to make sure this continues to be a priority. Our kids deserve it.
  • Any .ppt presentations to share?
  • not sure at what level & how I will share this w/ my staff
  • With all we have going on and all the initiatives, I do not see using this idea with our staff at this time, but possibly in the future.
  • role of teacher librarians in school setting
  • None at this time.
  • How will this relate to our efforts in our district and the ICC?
  • Implementation of this along with all the other stuff we're asking the teachers, librarians, etc.
  • We need to make sure we continue to focus on approaching all with fidelity.
  • I already sent out a survey to my fellow supt. in my AEA to see about their experience in Big6. Plus I learned more on the IAW stuff the DE is pushing.
  • I am a little bit concerned that I will not be able to share much of what I experienced today with my local staff. The concept is great, but I felt like I was being encouraged to adopt this program as a curriculum management/mapping tool or process.
  • Still not exactly sure how this fits in with Iowa CORE. Also, I have a question as to the amount of time it would take to really get a group of teachers skilled.

Anything else you want to share with us?
  • I used to teach the decision making process years ago. It's interesting how this correlates to that. It's a good way to help design instruction of all types.
  • I would spend a little more time being "explicit" at the beginning of this session the purpose of spending the day with Big6. I would spend less time sharing dialogue about "making $" with products.
  • As always I learned alot and it creates an urgency in me to keep thinking and blending the structures we have with new structures or frameworks.
  • Very helpful and looking forward to learnng the evaluation part in day 2.
  • Thanks again - great as always!!!
  • Thank you for a great day of professional learning.
  • Thank you for an excellent day. It went much too quickly!
  • It was good, but it just didn't do it for me. Last year, I was inspired to make changes to how we do business. This session, not so much:)
  • The meal was very good -- soup and salad is a great option because it's not going to put everyone to sleep like a big, pasta meal might! I'd like the option of a larger bowl of soup because the soup today was excellent. The facilities are great for this kind of conference.
  • Great day - Thanks!
  • Thanks for bringing in a nationwide-respected authority to share this with us.
  • Thank you for bringing Mike Eisenberg to Iowa.
  • A good day as always, glad to have Scott in my discussion group which balanced missing him up in front. Mike did a fine job, but I am still looking for where Scott is going to lead us.
  • I felt like this was interesting information, but very different than the information that was shared during last year's sessions. I was looking for things that I can take back to the district for staff and students to use where this was more about a process that can be used. It also reminded me of the DDL (Data Driven Leadership) training that was done at a state level related to Evaluator Training.
  • I have a headache from thinking too much.
  • Overwhelmed.