SAI Training

Phase 2, Day 1

October 21, 2009

Council Bluffs Evaluations


What did you like most about today?
  • Interaction with schools considering 1 to 1.
  • The chance to share in a small group setting with a variety of individuals.
  • good dialog
  • willingness of Mike to field questions and extend the learning where the questions led rather than sticking to a script

What suggestions do you have for improving what we did today?
  • I thought the day was very good. Focusing the day on more connection to the Iowa Core would be helpful
  • Not much, maybe a little prior-notice, giving us the wiki ahead of time...but that was probably my fault not finding the information

What questions or concerns do you have as you leave today?
  • How can we better implement the 1 to 1 for our district and not add a new initiative concerning Professional Development.
  • Getting buy in without just dropping this in on my staff

Anything else you want to share with us?
  • Great session.
  • I think I almost "over shared" today