SAI Training

Phase 2, Day 2

January 14, 2010

Ames Evaluations


What did you like most about today?
  • Ability to work on a plan for our district.
  • Small group discussions
  • I always like working with people that want to change education.
  • I really appreciated all of the work time and also hearing other peoples' areas of change. I like the way this plan is broken down. It forces a lot of dialog and causes a focus on clarity.
  • The ability to work with a small group on a topic of interest to our school.
  • Chance to share and network
  • We got to actually work through a "real-life" school problem and process it out with colleagues. Great brain storming/working session.
  • I was given a "tool" that was awesome. I felt that you must have known exactly what was needed in our district and delivered. I will be able to implement today's learning when I get home tonight!
  • A process that we can use to implement in our organization
  • Opportunity to work as a district team using the planning tool provided by John
  • Theory and then a lot of time to work collaboratively.
  • The small group work.
  • The process was outstanding and is a very practitioner oriented outline to implement a variety of strategies.
  • I really liked the process and the opportunity for guided practice in using it.
  • I enjoyed that this is something that we can take back to our programs/schools and use the tools provided to begin a dialogue with our colleagues. It is nice that the tool provided can really be applied to any idea within educational change.
  • Applying the information learned in the small group settings
  • Chance to work on an actual project with peers!!! John is a good listener. Good balance of talking and getting others to talk.
  • The process is very practical and workable to be understood by stakeholders.
  • The focus on program evaluation.
  • Listening to others' ideas.

What suggestions do you have for improving what we did today?
  • I would have brought more of the decision makers/planners today if I knew we would be able to work more.
  • I would like to have had something to do prior to coming to the workshop to prepare
  • More information prior to the session on what it is going to be about. It was not what I was expecting. I understand everyone is in a different place, but I have had a lot of training on dealing with change. This is a good tool, but I don't see using it anytime soon.
  • I don't know if we need to improve what we did today as much as doing some work and coming back to look at our plans again.
  • The afternoon became long - not bad, but I just felt like I "got it" and I wanted to get going on my district's strands.
  • Maybe use an example of a technology, teaching, and learning example instead of an ELL example
  • Nothing -- the day was well organized between sharing the model and time to use it
  • The format today worked great for me.
  • Lots of change happenning in Iowa now with shifts towards Race to the Top thinking. It would be good to start to track those change efforts within SAI.
  • Perhaps with a bit more information about this process before hand I might have brought other documents/files that would have allowed for me to better work through the process.
  • I think some additional follow up at the next section. Maybe
  • Material on the wiki!! I can go back to Phase 1 Day 1 and experience and hear that day. The wiki is my trigger/stimulus. Resources are cool, but even more. Link if any to CSIP.
  • visual example of a fictitous initiative.
  • Walk attendees through several samples of each the component contents--so they can "see" what it might look like. Also tie this process to the other "processes" brought to the schools' door---CSIP, IPDM, SPED, etc.
  • Possibly examples of resources for collecting data or some guidance on selling your initiatives to stakeholders.

What questions or concerns do you have as you leave today?
  • Are there exemplary strand examples that we can have access with.
  • I'm wondering if we can focus on this plan back in our district.
  • How do we move forward the need for a state wide vision?
  • What assessments are out there that could be utilized to measure the effectiveness of technology
  • I am thinking of how to use the 9-steps with a leadership team in our district.
  • I am probably going to contact Dr. Nash and ask for a critical analysis of this process once we have had more time to work with it on the change we wish to see.
  • Are you teaching the ISU students how to engage students, integrate technology, etc. or will they be having these same conversations 10 and 20 years from now!
  • Background on the 9 step method. Strands are rough.
  • Confusion about "The Change We Will Make." As presented, it appears to be a smart goal. But the identification of the expected behaviors (either student or adult) is not so simple as a smart goal. If you started with #1 as What specific problem are you trying to solve, #2 the rationale--which should be high frequency/high loss grounded, then define the ideal. You have a least one team in this room who clearly did not get what you were trying to say.
  • I am full of questions. My concerns are going forward with our initiative and selling it to my stakeholders.

Anything else you want to share with us?
  • Thanks.
  • This has been a very useful session and gives me a tool to tackle some issues in the district. THANK YOU!
  • Thank you for this opportunity to learn more. I am looking forward to more sessions!!
  • Thanks - as always, I am leaving more than satisfied!
  • Thanks!
  • I am very familiar with this various parts of this model.
  • Appreciate the preparation that was done, and as this is rolled out it would be great for the final/fine-tuned versions to be posted as many schools might adapt the process for a specific initiative down the road for their own needs.
  • This was an excellent day of learning. I look forward to our next session.
  • Looking forward to DAY 3!!!
  • very good
  • Just thank you.