1 to 1 Planning and Implementation

Planning & Implementation

Blueprint Solution: for K-12 One-to-One Ubiquitous Computing Initiatives
K12 Blueprint, Underwritten by Intel (2005)
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"Twenty-first century career skills demand the use of computers to be competitive in the global economy. While nearly all U.S. schools currently use computers, the demand to create one-to-one access for all students is increasing exponentially. To ensure access to technology, leaders must create a vision, enlist others and successfully develop a strategic plan to accomplish educational objectives that maximize the use of technology."
N/A (2007). Blueprint solutions for K-12 one-to-one ubiquitous computing initiatives: A resource for education leaders and other interested in implementing one-to-one anytime, anywhere computing in K-12 education. Retrieved from www.k12blueprint.com.

1:1 Computing A Guidebook to Help You Make the Right Decisions
One-to-One Resource Information, Underwritten by HP, Microsoft, and Intel
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This guidebook addresses the issues which in 1:1 initiative. In simple terms, the issues are planning, leadership, funding, infrastructure, professional development, instruction, evaluation, and sustainability.

Evaluation Framework for 1-to-1 Computing
Ubiquitous Computing Evaluation Consortium (2003)
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"An evaluation framework can help to organize people’s thinking and thus guide individual evaluations and / or the development of a research agenda. The evaluation framework shown here is based in part on other frameworks and in part on discussions that have been carried out as one component of this National Science Foundation sponsored project in which a consortium of researchers from various institutions, each of which is involved in studying 1:1 computing, are meeting to share findings and discuss planned activities."

Starting School Laptop Programs: Lessons Learned
Ubiquitous Computing Evaluation Consortium (2005)
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Policy Brief on starting laptop programs.