2010-2011 SAI Technology Leadership Training

Phase 2, Day 2

Activating Your Program's Strategy and Evaluation

John B. Nash, PhD, Associate Professor, Iowa State University


Is this you?

Have you ever embarked on an initiative that you were excited about but didn't get the results you wanted? Or did the initiative just stop? Did you wonder why?
What about in the realm of technology? How do you know if all the investments in educational technology that your school has been making are working?
Do any of the following apply to your district?
  • You're using technology in your school but haven't defined to what end.
  • You have money for hardware but no plan.
  • There are pockets of excellence in your district but taking them to scale is elusive.
  • You'd like to implement systems for improvement
  • Your technology committee is focused on purchases and not a vision.
  • There's lots of dabbling with technology in your district but no thread to link the outcomes
  • You'd like to know if the programs you have in place are making a difference.


This live, interactive workshop provides participants with a fresh, approachable perspective on setting strategy for achieving goals in school-based programs with an emphasis on technology and 21st century skills. Participants learn:
  • A simple yet effective technique for setting strategy and goals for your school's programs.
  • How to effectively answer the question "Is my initiative reaching its goals?"
  • How to confidently demonstrate to stakeholders that your programs are effective.


Conversation Starter

We need
  • Up to 3 volunteers to take notes. Here is the note page.
    • If you are one of those people who needs to write down things as a way to remember this jobs for you! (Notes from Australia)
  • Anyone who is on Twitter. We need you to volunteer to take notes via Twitter using the workshop tag #techleader

Notes and Useful Templates