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Task 1: "The Worst Presentation"
1. Wordy ... bad wording (x2)
2. Reading slides
3. Transitions
4. Design
5. Boring -
6. Monotone Voice
7. Technical Errors

Agenda Overview

  1. Task 1 - Presentation Wrongs
  2. Powerpoint: Good Bad Ugly
  3. Task 2 - Presentation Rights
  4. Powerpoint: Tips and Tricks
  5. Alternatives to Powerpoint
  6. Activities
  7. Upping Your Presentation Game

Powerpoint: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Task 2: "The Best Presentation"

Powerpoint Tips and Tricks

Task 3: Storyboarding
  • In small groups (2-4 ppl) work together to storyboard an Ignite! type presentation.
  • Design Parameters
    • No More Than 20 Slides (20 sec. per slide)
    • No More Than 6 Words Per Slide
    • Images Should be Prominent
  • Method (what to use)
    • Use Large Post-its with boxes
    • Use Small Post-its (number them)
    • Use Notecards (number them)
  • Time
    • 15 min. to design & draw
    • less than 2 min. each to share

Alternatives to Powerpoint

No Presentation at All

Task 4: Play with a Purpose, Ponder & Present
Pick only 1 PowerPoint Alternative listed above that you have not used extensively before that you would like to spend more time examining (or choose your own different one). Play with a Purpose. Try to break it. Try to upload an image. Try to embed a video. Mess with the fonts. Mess with the backgrounds. Whatever suits your fancy but, no matter what you do, push your learning rapidly ... i.e. play with a purpose ... for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes ... take 1 minute to answer the following questions (on paper or a post-it is fine).
  1. Was this presentation tool easy to learn with a little effort?
  2. Was I able to achieve my specific purpose (such as uploading an image) in a reasonable time?
  3. Did this new presentation tool excite me such that I could see myself spending time and presenting with it?
  4. Should I devote another 10 minutes after this presentation to continue to explore this option?

Finally, take 2 minutes (1 minute for each person) to share your playful results with a neighbor.


Task 5: Up Your Game
Now that you have some ways to improve or replace your PowerPoints and lots of tools to help you to integrate activities into your presentations ... how are you going to up your own personal presentation game for the direct outcome that your participants walk away from your sessions having experienced deeper learning?

To do: take a notecard and write a personal note to yourself telling yourself one specific way that you intend to up your presentation game before your next presentation. Be sure to write enough so that you capture all the detail of your thought so that you can fully return to the idea at a later time. The content of the notecard can be any reflection, any idea, any tool ... really anything that will bring participants deeper learning and that you actually intend to do.

Catch: To leave the room, you MUST at least show me that notecard. I will not read it. But, I do want to see that you did it. And, then I want to see you fold that notecard and put it in your pocket, your purse, your backpack, your wallet ... somewhere personal where it is likely to be seen again. And then you can leave.